In the eastern center of Friuli on the border with Slovenia and on the slopes of the Julian Prealps, there is the municipality of Faedis, a medieval-looking town that traces its origins to a datable period to the year 2000 BC.

Its territory, as can be seen from the images, it is particularly pleasant and luxuriant, where nature is the master and where the products of the land and fauna who live there found a habitat still intact.

The great tradition of Friulian wines

Ribolla Gialla

A full and soft taste is perceived which makes it inviting
Serving temperature 10-12 ° C
Excellent wine to pair with grilled fish and soups.

Emotions...History and tradiction

The Colle Villano winery owes its name to the hill that stands in the center of the most valuable vineyards in the cellar and of which at the top stands a church dating back to the early 14th century.